CrossRoads™ by Metrellis

An online directory of health care professionals and provider organizations that enables

entire medical communities to interoperate via DIRECT secure messaging

  • Expressive

    Stores rich information about individual providers, provider organizations, and the relationships among them

  • Responsive

    Provides a modern, dynamic web-based user interface for rapid searching, navigation, and content editing

  • Powerful

    Allows searching for providers or organizations by name, affiliation, specialty, location, NPI, and/or secure messaging address, including complex Boolean queries

  • Editable

    Supports self-serve online editing or bulk loading of content

  • Embeddable

    Provides an HPD web services API and integration support, for programmatic access from EHRs and other applications

  • Cloud-Based

    Deployed through a hosted cloud-based architecture that is scalable and performant

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